any tips for dmm?

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  1. title pretty much explains it all
  2. dont die, dont go the cookie cutter routes. get creative.
  3. You NEED to get protection prayers and 70 ranged 40 def to wear black d hide unless you plan on not going outside a safe zone at all. If you need money mine clay I buy all you can get for 300 ea (PM rafae)
  4. Get teleports to every savezone, don't be a cheapo and die walking from Falador to Varrock.

    Try to focus on your protected (combat) stats and put all money and resources into them, no point in training the others until later when you can sustain and you don't lose all your progress by dying.

    Also, do any quests that revolve around even remotely dangerous areas when it's not peaktime or you'll get killed guaranteed. A tip I would give you for like Desert Treasure or Monkey Madness is to buy all the required items twice so that you don't have to spend a lot of time getting them back if you die during the quest.
  5. Also make sure to use your deposit box and do quests when you have not a whole lot to lose.
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  6. Can't stress the questing part enough, literally get requirements -> do quest -> get requirements -> do quest and so on until you have all the neccesary quests out of the way, THEN start making money/training non-protected skills etc.

    Doing quests after you've built up a bank is quarenteed rage and loss of bank and requirements. Don't get level requirements for multiple quests either if you can't protect them because if you die you'll have to train those skills like 2 or 3 times over again to the requirement level.
  7. To get money there is a house in Ardougne where you can go upstairs and check for traps. Each time you will get a nature rune and over time this builds up and gives you a lot of money. I believe it requires 27 or 28 thieving. Ardougne moneymaking.PNG

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