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Another Low level Money Making guide!

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Kthai, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. I recommend at least 100k+ to start with*
    • Get a Games Necklace and teleport to Burthrope.
    • Go to the Slayer Master east of the teleport spot (skull on minimap)
    • Trade him and buy 10 packs of unfinished broad bolts broad.png
    • Make sure there are at least 990 packages left so you can gain max profit.
    • You don't have to switch worlds. They are 5500 each for 100 of them. Once you open them all the store should have restocked itself.
    So basically you are buying them at 55 each. After you're done buying go to the grand exchange and you can sell them for 57-60 depending on Grand Exchange prices at the time. Best for people with not a lot of money but a method that can be used by all :)
  2. profit.png

    Sold in under 10 seconds at 57. If you raised the price you would probably make more but that's bare minimum.

    *Amount of money per hour depends on your cash stack. The more you can buy the more you will make! Its a self made cycle depending on your wealth!*
  3. Works :) Thank you :love:
  4. You're welcome :)
  5. Pretty neat, sadly i couldnt sell for 57, they sold for 56 instantly for me .. :/

    Not that high of a profit but it's profit! ;)

    Had em for sale for 57 for like 10minutes and i was like meh, i spent my entire 3.3m stack on it , so i was kinda in need of em to sell fast ;-)
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Try selling it during peak hours and i think that'll work in your favor. That or too many people are now using it.

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