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AFK money making.. only for the patient!

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by juba, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Check out my vid guys, its real simple but makes sense.. works well, try to find your own items though! :3

  2. Very nice! This is posted in the osrs section tho. Should be moved to rs3.
  3. Very nice, moved this to RS3 MM
  4. I did this a couple years back before I quit. I put an offer in for around 20 karils tops for 25k each, left for a nice surprise for when I came back :)
  5. Thanks for moving it for me, planning on releasing quite a few more videos, subscribe to the channel if you wana see them! :)
  6. Nice, OSRS is the GOAT though.
  7. Very helpful thanks for the vid!
  8. Awesome post. wish it was osrs though lol.
  9. Oh wow, this is pretty helpful. I'm trying that
  10. Mainly play old school but nice vid, subbed
  11. got some pretty good vids i subbed to you dude

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