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AFK F2P Low Requirement Money Making Methods

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Snow99, May 17, 2018.

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    To start off, we are going to Craft Gold Amulet, which only requires 8 Crafting, and you also need Amulet Mould along with as many gold bars as you can afford. The best furnace to use in F2P is the one in Al Kharid. You go to the bank, withdraw Amulet Mould and 27 gold bars, then walk to the furnace just north. The reason I say “walk” is because you weight 49 kg on your way there carrying all the gold bars, but on you way back, the gold amulet will make you weight 0. Run energy is precious in F2P, so you’ve got to be smart with it. In this method, you will get around 25K GP and 30K crafting XP per hour, which is pretty good for a F2P player. The profit per bar is about 25 GP each, which means each inventory’s profit is about 600 OSRS GP.

    Click for more information about Youtuber WildMudkip who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:

    The next is Sapphire Ring. The requirement for this is 20 crafting, and you are going to need a ring mould. The best furnace is in Al Kharid. You go to the bank there withdraw your ring mould, 13 Gold bars, and 13 Sapphires. Again, you are going to walk on your way to the furnace and run on your way back to the bank. This method is less AFK than making gold amulet, but you can expect to make 2-3 times profit and 50-75K GP per hour depending on the current Grand Exchange prices, you can expect to make about 1-1.5K profit per inventory, although the XP is slightly lower, it comes around 25K XP per hour, but it's still a really good Crafting XP for a F2P player.

    For the third method now we are going to be Making Iron bars. The requirement for this is level 15 Smithing, and you need a bunch of iron ore. What you need to do is withdrawing full inventory of iron ore from the Al Kharid bank. You should be walking to the furnace and running coming back. As for smelting iron bars, you have 50/50 chance of either smelting or failing, so on average, you will be getting 15 iron bars per inventory. You might lose your money from some inventories, and from others, you’ll profit more than you should. But in the long term, you will be getting 1 iron bar for every 2 iron ores, on average, you should expect to get around 10-15K GP and 5K Smithing XP per hour. Maybe the profit is not that great, but there aren’t many profitable ways to get Smithing XP in F2P at such a low level after all.

    The 4th method is going to be Cooking Trout. The best way to cook in F2P is to make your own fire next to the bank. Usually, the GE will be the most convenient, so you can quickly buy and sell your fish which could help a lot if you don’t have much starting capital. To start cooking trout, you only need level 15 Cooking, and you will stop burning trout at level 50 Cooking. But as long as you don’t burn more than 5 trout in your inventory, you will sell it and make profit. Level 50 is only about 100K XP, and Cooking is an extremely fast skill to train, which is why I include this as a low level requirement. You will get 70 XP per trout that you cook, and you should be able to cook at least 900 per hour, so the minimum is about 60K XP per hour. You will get about 5K GP per hour. It’s not that great for GP, but for the amount of XP you are getting, it’s not that terrible.

    The 5th method will be Cutting Oak Trees, which only needs 15 Woodcutting. The best places in F2P to cut them are just west of Varrock, just east Varrock, and just east of Draynor Village Bank. Oak logs are mainly used by members who are making planks for their construction, and they are always in high demand and give a very good profit for skill with such a low requirements. The profit will vary a lot, and it depends on how many people you are competing with in cutting the trees, but the XP and GP per hour you can expect will be 20-40K each per hour. You will get about 1,200 GP per inventory, which isn’t too bad, and this is really a stable method.


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