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Accessing the Chart after 5 post count

Discussion in 'Helpdesk' started by The Kill, Jul 28, 2015.

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    With the introduction of the 5 post count rule before you can access our Chart, there have been a lot of questions by new users who got their 5 post count and don't have immediate access to the chart.

    To clarify this "issue" a little bit: Currently, the site will automatically grant users that have reached 5 post count access to the chart. However, this may take a couple of hours to process! Give it up to a day MAX and if you still somehow can't access the charts we can look into it.

    With that being said, we've also seen a lot of users posting about not being able to access the charts while they don't have 5 post count yet. Make sure you have 5 post count, if you don't know how to check this click here.

    If you have the post count requirement you could try relogging into the site as some users have said this has worked for them. (edit by Pepsi)
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