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99 stats

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by musicexpert, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. just got 99 def im realy happy with this! :D almost got 99 range too
  2. Congratulations, i just achieved 98 slayer :D
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  3. Congratz! That is great. Keep us posted on your accomplishments!
  4. Congratulations, i got 99 hunting just last week
  5. Gratz, keep it up. Hope to see all 99 soon :D
  6. Awesome accomplishments! Keep it up!
  7. I'm not close to any 99 stats ;-;
  8. Congratulations man! Must have taken fucking forever.
  9. Congratulations! After 99 range, what are you going to get 99 in next? Mage is an easy 99 and so is strength. :)
  10. Congratz:p i just got 96 Strength, going for 99 this weekend.
  11. congrats :) all beastly levels. keep up the good work
  12. Only have gotten a quest cape! Cant imagine training a 99 yet

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