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900k - 2.5m per hour (F2P + P2P)

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Eldrism, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. A quick quide for you all, I've used this a fair few times while flipping items and made around 30m from doing this but I don't enjoy doing it as it's pretty tedious and don't plan on doing it anymore so I thought I'd share.

    When you need to do is go to is go to Oziach's Armour in Edgeville (it's the guy who you finish Dragon Slayer on) and buy all the Anti-dragon shield's you can get as they cost 26gp each (obviously this increases with the more you buy). Then you run back to Edgeville bank and repeat. I did this with Super Energy and managed to get around 3,300 shields an hour.

    I then sell these at 420gp a piece (it can take a few days/a week to sell them), but I have managed to sell them all for around 1,000gp each by just waiting a bit of a longer time. I recommend not trying to sell lower as that drops the hourly effort of collecting to around 400k/ph.

    The store replenishes it's shields in a matter of seconds so you don't need to world switch.

    I hope this helps you all get some money together to start flipping more items and maybe get a bond or twp.
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  2. Nice guide. This would help people who are low on cash.
  3. I used to do this back in the day at lumby castle getting shields from the Duke :D
  4. Yeah I remember those days, I bumped into this when I finished Dragon Slayer
  5. thanks nice guide dude helped me make some starting money
  6. ooh nice one never knew you could buy these in edge always thought you could only get them from duke..lol
  7. Anyone did this? I want to know if this actually makes good profit or not.
  8. might give this a try, thanks poster!
  9. I've obviously done it a few times and it works, sometimes it can take about a week for all the shields to sell (at about 420gp). But still it's incredibly easy money if you're bored or saving for a bond in F2P.
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  10. this worked but i got lazy and bumped the price down while selling back to the ge hahah
  11. Nice! I found a small way to semi-double gold.
    Just buy basket packs for 100gp which open 100 baskets.
    Sell for 2 gp each.
    Stock replenishes almost instantly.
    I spent 700k and sold them all for 1.4m in about 2 days.
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  12. Nice method. How long did it take to sell them all for 1,000gp each?
  13. Very creative method. Never thought to do this.
  14. Same here so nice to see you here. Cant wait for the charts so i can use it too!
  15. good guide but might start being tougher to do
  16. dang thats tedious but I tried for a lil and its still a profit today
  17. New money making method to me so thanks!
  18. Made a nice little profit but took a while
  19. It's good but the price has plummeted, I sold a batch of 1k for 450gp but the now it doesn't sell for anything more than 200gp. Still a good method, always yields profit.
  20. Nice guide. I would always get shields from the duke. Appreciate the guide!

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