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8 Grand Exchange Slots!(:

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by carlo, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. So what do y'all think about this? This will benefit everyone I believe!

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  2. Finally this is something I really need my GE seems to always be full...
  3. Damn i knew i was doing something wrong! He over cut me by 1gp on the BGS buys! :QQ:
    Can't wait for an extra 2 more ge slots on each of my accounts :D.
    I can now buy all the teal items and have a few spare slots!
  4. I know right. I had no idea this was gonna happen. I'm glad it did, this will defiantly help out anyone who merches.
  5. Cool I didn't know it was coming out on Monday. I've been waiting for this since they first polled it. Still, I know as soon as I get it I'm gonna want even more.
  6. The one time I'm not using all my slots, oh well lol.

    Still happy they are implementing it though, it seemed like they were just not going to prioritize it at all when they talked about it some weeks ago.
  7. LOL yesterday i just made a flipping account..what a waste of bond.
  8. well now you will have 10 more slots on monday than you did yesterday ;).
    and you still have twice the ge limit as you did yesterday.
  9. True True
  10. Love this update. Sick of my GE being constantly full, lol.
  11. This will be so handy, I used to create flipping accounts for the extra slots... :/
  12. Best update for a long time, great news for us flippers
  13. Now I don't need to make another account :>
  14. Very useful
  15. More slot more fun!!!!!
  16. I got 2 accounts to flip on so that is awesome
  17. seems like i joined at the right time
  18. I love that they added more, though I only have one more since I'm still f2p but still
  19. This update was great. So many opportunities now :)
  20. Much needed update, i found space to always be a problem :p

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