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500k in 30min

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by silvano, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. i was looking for an overnight flip, so i came across the bandos hilt. bought it for 2.8m and it bought really fast.
    i then sold it for 3.3m and went to the helhounds for hard clues. i was almost at my second kill and then i saw a notification that it already sold. this was a couple of days ago when i didnt know about this forum so i dont have a screenshot.
  2. wow cool!
    i didnt have any luck with godwars items at all :/
  3. Dude, that's awesome! congrats, and best of luck with your future flipping
  4. That's really cool, the unexpected surprise!
  5. Almost 20% profit on one item in that time is crazy, great job!
  6. That's crazy! Hope I got this much luck when I have a bond!
  7. Nice man, congrats. I wonder if it still works, I wish you much success
  8. Damn, hopefully we can all get into some of that mulah :)
  9. Nj fam, try brass necklaces' they are ok moneys
  10. Mental flip, would love to find something like that myself
  11. Wow nice one I never have that
  12. Man congratz! Have you been able to do it multiple times yet? Or just luck?
  13. Free 500k, why not :D Gz dude!

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