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5 Words Story. Destroyed game.. Restarting!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Sky, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. Lets have another game!
    It is quite simple, we make a story together

    1. 5 Words per Post.
    2. No Double Posting.

    I start out here:
    Once apon a time, there
  2. was an ugly barnacle, he
  3. Wears Teal Robes on Sundays,
  4. and today was a sunday
  5. he takes the teal off
  6. and watched orzo's live stream (selfless plug.)
  7. While Eating Cake in Teal
  8. he removes my fucking avatar
  9. and started to flip snapdragons
  10. then he died. The End.
  11. Though it didn't quite end
  12. I really thought it did.
  13. You fucked it up... im gunna lock the thread and then we try again... shame on you @abc
  15. He has lotsa money though
  16. I did tell you that i locked the thread right?...

    (for non-staff members; Only staff can post in locked threads)
  17. You're breaking rule number 1
  18. uhm... how did you make that turn out to be disrespectfull???
  19. The thread rule you silly
  20. oh my freaking fucking god.
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