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5 Word Story. (Again)

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Sky, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. To make it clear what this is (for the second time).
    We are together to make a story that would make sense and not just be some random bable.
    Read through the sentences and please be sure to end/break with commas and punctuations.

    • No Double Posting.
    • 5 Words Per Post.
    • The story can not end at any given time.

    I start out:
    Once there was a man,
  2. actually it was a woman
  3. who had a sex change
  4. and is now a man
  5. that looks like a woman.
  6. He was going to the
  7. Shop to buy some more
  8. toxic pepsi for Porn to
  9. Snort while watching a duck.
  10. It was the cutest duck
  11. an avatar picture worthy duck
  12. with the softest feathers, it
  13. died and he ate it
  14. and it tasted like gumballs.
  15. duck flavored gumballs that's nasty
  16. but the man love it.
  17. He choked and died sadface
  18. But respawned in lumbridge and
  19. went straight to the ge
  20. to buy some more teal

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