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300kgp-500kgp/hr Buying Battlestaffs in Varrock

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by seppi449, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. No requirements!

    You will need a big cash stack to do this but you can earn a lot of money with this method depending on how many other people are doing it at the time and you can always just run to the GE and sell them fast to get more gold to buy more, they sell on average for 7550ea and then sell them on the GE for 8200 ea, this means you make 650gp on ea staff and it can take anywhere between 2-4mins for an inventory of 27.

    So 60/3 = 20
    20 x 650 x 27 = 351000gp/hr
  2. U can buy it also in yanille :)
  3. 66 Mage is required for that if anyone wants to know haha
  4. Ye,thats a problem for some1 :D
  5. Nice share! Im going to try this now!
  6. thanks!!
  7. Isn't there a limit on how many you can buy in varrock? I always thought there was
  8. The stores only stock 5 staffs, but each store requires more to get to, and the only thing capping the money is the stores are bought out.
  9. I wouldnt be doing this by any chance tbh. Seems like too much work Tbh.
  10. Yeah most worlds are empty of the fuckers aswell
  11. going to try this
  12. varrock diary = more battlestaffs?
  13. Def trying this out m8.
  14. gonna try it
  15. gonna try this thanks
  16. Slightly wrong per hour, since this is overused you're probably looking at around 200k an hour
  17. very nice but hard to find a world with them
  18. does this still work?

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