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3 Money Making Methods => 4.5mil/hr

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Rotatieklok, Jan 29, 2016.

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    I have made a youtube video/tutorial explaining the three methods.

    I) classic flipping
    II) converting (otherwise known as decanting)
    III) packing (sets)

    for flipping you need to buy items above 1mil in order to get some decent profit i.e. +20k
    for converting you don't need a lot of money and you'll be making guaranteed profit; it's not a gamble like with flipping
    I made 4mil just converting pots (ranging, prayer, energy, etc.)
    and packing gives GAVE around 150-200k per darkness book set

    right now viable for conversion:
    prayer pot (3) up to 500k
    ranging pot (3) up to 2mil
    energy pot (3) up to 350k

    ancient page 1 - 4 = 50-90k profit

    I appreciate any comments about how to improve my tutorials as I'm planning on making more ^.^
    +like and sub plox
  2. I like the video for the sets, but decanting is definetly not more profitable than flipping. Ive started at 1m and if u find the right items u can still make good profit. buying 1k potions to decant and make 20k is not very good
  3. Haha well today I made 2 mil from the ranging pots.

    bought 2k ranging pot (3) for 3718 = 7,436,000
    that converts into 1500 ranging pot (4) for 6300 = 9,450,000

    and as per the prayer pots I think I made 250k

    Let's hope the prices will be this good for the ranging pots tomorrow!
  4. nice profit, but thats with 7m cash on hand already. with 7-9m flipping u can be flipping items that have a 50k profit on each. I guess it depends what the margins are for the day. eithier way both are efficient ways to make money
  5. Definitely! I just don't think I've been lucky with flipping so far and it takes too much patience.
    So this is a guide for people like me haha.
  6. definetly, im gonna be trying ur methods as well as flipping to maximize profits each day, ill let you know how it goes
  7. wow actually maybe youre right.. my profits right now on range pots are crazy
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  8. Packs seem to sell slow..
    Are ancient and law the only viable ones?
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  9. nice guide, going to see how this works
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  10. he/she made 2mil in what i am assuming an hour at most. It is very hard to gain that in an hour flipping with 7-9mil cash on hard.
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  11. Ok I updated it!!
    the prices of the sets have been dropping significantly
    I believe it's due to osbuddy when it stops working prices shift a looot
    +pots (3) now give profit if you're making them yourself (herblore xp)
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  12. Good suggestions -

    Buy 1000+ Grimy ranarrs or Snapdragons and clean them between decanting and flipping downtime. Sometimes margins between clean and dirty herbs is 300+ gp. I had a 525 gp margin on Snapdragons the other day. You can easily clean 3k an hour with mousekeys
  13. I do not see how decanting is a good method of money making...
  14. the prices vary every day, but it can be very succesful
  15. Great tips, thanks for the video!
  16. Going to try this out today, thanks!
  17. all these easy and simple money making method, brb botting it. lol jk
  18. the more that people do it the less profitable it becomes
  19. should keep them hidden when you find them :p
  20. nice dude. def will give this a try

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