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25k Boardbolt on Skeletal Wyvern

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by Chochu, May 12, 2016.

  1. Here's my loot tab on Skeletal Wyvern.
    Range exp Gain : 2,292,012 exp (Started with 87, now im 91)
    Kill Count: 2512
    Got a Visage around 2000~
    I sold all Prayer Potion, Loop and Teeth to runner
    I alch all my rune axe, rune kiteshield, rune full helm, earth battleshield and granite plateleg

    My Setup
    I swap out my DFS with unholy book when im not aggro
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  2. Nice work man, how many days and hours did you spend?
  3. Thanks, Average took me a 9-10 days, with 2-3 hours a day
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  4. very nice! I hope to post one of these soon myself but with maxed melee gear. (including visage hopefully) *crosses fingers*. Can't wait to compare pros and cons overall. Great achievement ! AlanHype
  5. damn bro nice job :)

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