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2 years of hunting and it's finally happened.

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by NetStorm, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    I started off Oldschool hunting for the Visage drop, it finally happened, I am so happy right now!
  2. well i guess you have alot of money to flip with starting with 20m+ haha:D grats on ur drop man
  3. btw can you explain me how are you killing them with that gear are u making profit per kill or what
  4. Classic example of mod favouriritism....

    Congratz though *SIGH*
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  5. arent visage price dropping? Went from 28m to 18m ish?
  6. Congrats dude, I haven't gotten one on OSRS yet. I remember my first one on RS3 and I flipped shit haha. Good timeesss
  7. Yeah, sadly :(

    I use extended antifire potions and attacked at range, the dragons will only use fire breath attack.
  8. Woah, that's really nice. Done around 20k of these and havent seen a single vissy :/
  9. Ayy congrats mate! Got mine under 200 black drag kills :D
  10. Wow congratz! :) It's crazy to me people can get them some within 500 kills and some people it takes forever.
  11. Congratulations on the visage! I've killed many, many dragons... no luck though :(
  12. Congrats :D
    and I think that they are about 8m now??
  13. Congratsss man. still never seen one from back in the day. thats like 10 years plus dry here
  14. Wow gratz mate, personally never seen one :<
  15. Congratulations bro! Definitely a big personal achievement.
  16. Gave up on the vissy long ago haha
  17. Congrats buddy, a drop I will never get LOL.
  18. Lucky. A mate of mine got one on his 10th kill for slayer task the other day haha
  19. Congratz! Now go get another one.
  20. Damn someone here is a lucky person

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