100k+ GP/Hour - Thieving H.A.M. Hideout Chests

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  1. 100k+ GP/Hour - Thieving H.A.M. Hideout Chests

    Video created by Framed.

    'Death to the Dorgeshuun' Quest > Requires 'The Lost Tribe' Quest
    23 Agility
    23 Thieving
    Ability to Kill level 50's (for the quest, not this money making method)

    The higher your thieving level, the better.
    H.A.M. gear to reduce chances of being caught.

    55 Magic for High Alch, this allows you to carry more food, and thus last longer trips without banking. More GP/Hour.

    The Method:
    Step 1: Head to the H.A.M. Hideout located just north of the Lumbridge Castle, on the path towards Draynor.
    Step 2: Open the trapdoor, head into the H.A.M. hideout until you reach the main stage.
    Step 3: South of the main stage is a further trapdoor, you will remember this from the quest.
    Step 4: You will now have to pickpocket the H.A.M. Guards (only the basement guards) and collect keys for each chest. Each key works on one of the chests.
    Step 5: Once you have collected some keys, enter the rooms and open the chests for loot.
    Optional Step 6: High Alch the loot, rather then bank it.

    Video Maker notes:
    Do not high alch the loots which give gold items, as they will be lacking in profit and should not be used.
    This room is DANGEROUS! You can be killed in here to make sure you don't use all your food before leaving to bank, or you could be killed.

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  2. Nice guide! Keep up the good work!
  3. Great guide, once my stats are higher ill be using this

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