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10 Million GP & First Chart based flip!

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by LordFlippy, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Hello Guys,

    You all know me by now! I want to share my first big success (big to me at least) with you all.
    As some of you know I joined about 2 weeks ago.

    That's when I started playing again from a year break.
    I had 7.4 Million, I gave away 800k when I came back thinking I wasn't going to play anymore, I thought i'd be nice.
    so I started at 6.6 M GP Two Weeks ago.

    Finally after flipping bulk items(chinchompas, rune armour sets etc alongside my good item).
    I've managed to climb purely from flipping (I only play to flip so never left the G.E).to 10m!
    4446e81c6fe6251c83a0fc4413c2f2aa.png (BTW...10M Is the most I've ever earned myself or had personally)​

    What's next?
    Well, knowing I hit 10m. I wanted to up my game, I had always flipped via buying and selling to find margins, well now I used the OSBuddy Chart...

    I'm kicking myself now wishing I had bought more. I decided to flip an Arma Helm!
    The picture speaks for itself!

    I want to thank all of you, most of you helped me develop my flipping understanding and helped give me the tools to make this happen.
  2. great idea to flip arma helms! how did you come up with that item??
  3. Some one first mentioned them in the G.E Today that they were spiking. I then saw some one else on here posted their success with the item.
    Usually I do not take other CC Members items, however, giving this was my first time using the charts and i'd just hit 10m I thought i'd give it ago.
  4. I was just joking around because I'm the one that posted the arma helms yesterday :p

    (don't worry about taking items btw, if it was supposed to be a secret I wouldn't post it)
  5. Ahaha, sorry if I did 'piss' you off a little though :p Just wanted to try it, I only flipped one more after it for a similar margin.
  6. congratulations on your recent success.
    hopefuly you'll make the 10m into 100m someday.
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  7. With a community like Lets-flip I most certainly will.
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  8. Congrats dude!
  9. Thanks, I'll be updating later on today. Stop by :)
  10. nice profits =)
  11. congrats fam

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