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1 Thing I hate

Discussion in 'Random' started by Elias Hanna, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Idk about you guys but one thing I hate a lot is when i'm afk fletching at the bank, i'm either lying down on my side watching something and training, or eating, watching, and training. There is always that one friend that keeps pming you. You try to pass him/her the message but NOOOO they still keep talking to you. It's very frustrating. Like they start pming you a million times asking you stuff and you just don't feel like typing. I usually just try to answer as short answers as I can to eliminate any furthermore questions.

    Tell me if that ever happens to you..
  2. theres an ignore list for that :/
  3. As opposed to ignoring your FRIEND, you can just turn your private off as if you are offline and they won't know if you are online or not. That way no one can PM you and you won't annoy any friends by ignoring them.
  4. Jup.. the heart doesn't feel what the eyes don't see.. Whenever i'm doing some business that i don't want to be interupted with or requires world hopping.. Just turn of your private chat.. also i standard keep private chat on friends because of all those spammers you get once you become a "grand exchange regular" lol
  5. Private off when you don't want to be bugged mate, simple as that!
  6. i hate those crack hoes that still have all their teeth

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