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1 Defence - Ultimate Ironman Progress

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by Pepsi, May 25, 2015.

  1. Today i decided to create an Ultimate Ironman and here is my progress from tutorial island
    I shall be doing general updates whenever i think its a good achievement
  2. Will definatly be following your progress, since I've made one myself aswell. :)
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    Day 1
    Main achievements so far :)
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    Day 2

    End of Day 2 Stats
  5. Looking good pepsi mate.. im on that mining/smithing grind.. got lvl 13mining and 9 smithing last night before i went off...
  6. Awesome, i need to get smithing as i want to be able to make iron knives for when i power train ranged on members ;) which also means i need to train mining :QQ:. Keep up the awesome work.
  7. Crazy for an ult ironman. I couldnt stand doing it tbh ^.^
  8. I will when i get home from work.
    Btw post number 200
  9. Nice progress so far!
  10. End of Day 3!

    Death Counter : 5 :p
  11. very nice, why don't you do the knights sword for the smithing? instant 29 smithing and you only need 10 mining to do it
  12. Wrong. As Ironman you have to be 15mining and 15smithing + 10 Cooking to do it.
    How else would you get the iron bars?
  13. You can get iron bars from dwarves, its an uncommon drop, but they are only lvl 10 so they are quite fast to kill. :)
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  14. yeah - what @Five said - i knew there was someway to do it as my friend did it on his ironman - also he has above 38 cooking so i don't think that will be a problem.
  15. Didnt know that dwarves dropped them.. i got 15mining and smithing before doing it ;)
  16. will come in handy anyway won't it :p
  17. That dwarves drop - not really.
    That i levelled to 15 myself. Yeah.
  18. First Quest Done!

    4 Smithing -> 29 Smithing Gained!
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  19. Gz now get members and start making those knifes ;)
  20. yeah the mining will come in handy not the dwarf drop :confused:

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