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  • Your website is not working. At all. So at first i thought the sroll items werent loading coz I hadn't disabled adblocker, disabled it, even removed it, and then after I've removed it fro my pc I get a message saying that I have adblocker. I've logged out, tried going on another browser, even on my phone it wouldn't even let me log in. Sort it out???
    Arent you the one adminstrating this site? last seen online 14th of May. just brought supporter rank and feel scammed
    Ryan its me Sohil, hope u remember me, i got a legit buisness venture/ idea that could benifet us both and lets flip. Msg me on skype @ sohilpenguins
    Hey Ryan buddy, just to let you know i have put in an application for a staff role and on a different topic i have posted on a few threads/forums and still cant access the flip chart, whenever your free please feel the need to private message me, Thank you. :)

    just to let you know ryan buddy that the flip chart works now :)
    Hey, my chart suddenly stopped working about a week ago and I have no idea why.. I've sent an e-mail but haven't gotten a response, can you please look into it? Thanks.
    Hey, Ryan, sorry to bother you but I'm unable to open the OSRS Flip Chart as I 'don't meet the post count requirement' but I do :^ l
    Hello, how chart works? i'm pretty curious about your site (amazing btw), it auto update? i could help you guys updating prices since i found one wrong
    Our charts give a picture of the margins, the margins might be a bit of, but it helps you to not lose money while searching for margins.
    Ryan since you're not streaming i didnt know where to ask so im gonna try here - yesterday on stream you said the graph time is on GMT , and that the last update at that time was at 7pm and that it updates every 3 hours ...yet the graph always shows times like 5pm or 8pm ..are u sure that the graph is on GMT or did you mean it updates at 8pm and not 7? thanks in advance
    The time you're looking at is in the monthly section of the graph, that part only updates every 24hours, if you look at the weekly graph you will see several updates a day.
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