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What to flip with 100m?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cole C, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. I've recently been flipping simple items like barrows sets, furys, and bgs, but now I've acquired some wealth from staking and flipping and I'm wondering what is the best thing to flip with around 100m. Should I keep flipping the things I am doing, should I flip large quantities of raw materials (runes, logs, food), or should I move on to flipping higher items such as ags or arcane spirit shield? Thanks.
  2. I feel like you've been doing or raw materials would be fine too. I wouldn't want to get into the big big items until I could do more than just one or two.
  3. You can move on to higher items, just remember to be patient.
  4. id mix it up. dont want to put all ur eggs in one basket and lose a few m on a big single trade. you have more than 1 slot so in my book it's best to diversify and go for a several diff items
  5. Could try some Third Age
  6. Arcane shields, 3rd age.
    Bulk items always work at 100m+ (e.g looking at charts for temp drop in items buying like 100k+) then waiting for them to rise by even a small amount can give big returns

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