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What items are good for overnighting?

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by brbboy, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. do you guys know any good items to flig before you go to sleep
  2. You can always try clue scroll items, or items that have sufficient demand that fluxes based on time of day.
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    higher valued items that fluctuate a lot but never/rarely crash
    look up some items on the week chart and you'll find something

    good luck
  4. you can somewhat flip any item over night, you just need to understand how it fluctuates over-night and by how much, say death runes are 300 ea but over a week or two you notice they drop to 280 through the night, but in an offer at 280 or 282 or something to that affect. Then wait for them to rise (a.k.a by morning) where they rise back to if not above 300 gp and sell them :).

  5. I just started flipping about 2 weeks ago, so i'm no pro, but over night I just put in the same offers im flipping all day but in large quantities. For example if I was flipping darts and the limit is 7k every 4 hours and I know I wont be back for 12 hours I will just put in an offer for 21k mith darts
  6. you can lowball on your items. (put your buy offer lower then normaly)
    that way you are on the safe side incase the item goes down and stays low. and you make more profit.
  7. Thanks for the tip, tried it a couple of times but hard to gauge how low you can go, I tried it a couple times and found out I went a little too low so I woke up to nothing >_<
  8. keep trying and you will get better at it. and dont be too worried if you don't succeed everytime
    trial and error !
  9. Yea my usual flip didn't buy last night, I went too low and got punished for it. Lost out on 200k~
  10. Generally speaking anything with a varying high and low price will be a good flip. A good example of such an item that use to be viable but no longer is; zulrah scales.
    The price fluctuations of zulrah scales use to vary between about 5 - 15gp per scale. And it had a 4 hour trade limit of 18k making it a very good item until just recently when the price of scales stablized at 99 - 100.

    But as most people have said, its best to find a unstable item that has varying peaks of highs and lows (can be done by buying and selling instantly to find its high/low). Although you can try your luck at items that people need for clues. ie Treasure Trail Emote Clues, there is a complete list on rune wikia
  11. i typically try bulk items like runes,food it seems to work for me.
  12. Just think supply and demand. Less people will be on at night, therefore they will (in theory) be higher supply and lower demand so the price will be lower. Then proceed to sell when demand is higher and profit.
    Although in evaluation, it could be argued that demand isn't really changing overnight as people are doing exactly what I've explained.
    It will work most of the time from my experience.
  13. I always do rares overnight
  14. That's actually a good idea ha.
  15. F2p good overnight that worked for me the last week were:
    Steel Nails
    Mithril Arrow

    Test them and see if they work for you too!
  16. but this way you risk the item not buying at all if you go too low

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