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Ultimate Tanning hides method (Elf City) [7M PER HOUR!]

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Caelan, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. is it still working?
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  2. This is amazing
  3. Yeah... amm just going to add this and this was said once before here.

    1. Join friendchat "portables"
    2. Ask where a crafting one is (usually there are every type of portable, if not (rare) wait a bit, they usually pop up all the time)
    3. Join a world where portable crafter is (usually right next to a bank chest)
    4. Its click intensive, but make a bank preset with a inventory full of hides
    5. Right click the port. Crafter and configure left click to tan.
    6. Press hotkey to load preset, left click port crafter, instant tanning with 20gp hide, click on babk chest, press preset hotkey to deposit all tanned hides and it takes untanned one in your inventory again.
    7. Repeat until ye tanned all yer hides.
    8. ???
    9. Profit.

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