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To all new members:

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by Bescape, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for joining the website! Also, I know that a lot of you have been active on the forums trying to reach that five post count in order to use the charts. However, don't let that milestone stop you from being active on the forums! Continue to take an interest into the topics that other users are posting. With that being said, let's keep this website an active community!

    - Alan
  2. Isn't Bescape just the kindest :')
    OT: Not only do you get access to the flip charts, but being apart of a community of people who share the same interests is something you can't buy ;)
  3. I'm brand new here and really excited to join in the commuunity
  4. i am new and foudn you from twitch and intrested to see how this site works
  5. Thank you for the kind words :) I definitely want the 5 post count but will be around to share some flipping logs as well :)
  6. Thanks!!! Good to be here and meet you all
  7. Been here for a day or 2 and i already like it
  8. thanks for that :) i like this page and check the current prices. OSOM
  9. Great page ---definitely will be active on the forums
  10. if the forum is helpfuul i will defiently be around to stay :D
  11. Thanks good to be here found you guys out from a friend will see how it goes ;).
  12. I will def post more on the forums in the future, but for now im going for 5 post count as i need the chart :p
  13. I've never really been apart of a forum community before, but all i've encountered so far are friendly people and fantastic advice! I hope to stay active long after I hit that golden number of 5! If not post-wise active, I still want to frequently visit the posts :)
  14. 5 is nothing! I'll keep posting past that lol.
  15. I saw smth about a trial give away on another post. Any idea how I can get into that?
  16. I'm not a fan of the 5 post count tbh.
  17. New here, really looking forward to get to know everyone and (hopefully) be able to contribute some knowledge!
  18. New here as well, now let's make some gp gains :)
  19. I will try to post more not only for post count but good content :)
  20. I'm brand new here and really excited to join in the communitay

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