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Poll : Postcount Requirement for the Charts?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Ryan, Jul 7, 2015.


Should we add a post count requirement for the Charts?

  1. Yes

    15 vote(s)
  2. No

    23 vote(s)
  3. Unsure

    5 vote(s)
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  1. Previously you needed 10 post count in order to use the facilities on this site, now it is open to simply anyone with an account but the forum isn't that active because of it..

    Would you list to see post count requirements back?
  2. I think there should be some sort of requirement but when the 10 post count was in place alot of people where basicly just spamming with "Nice" "Awesome". So for now I'm unsure, maybe other people have some good suggestions.
  3. Hell no, Nigga i'm on 8 post count.
  4. Voted yes even though that would mean I can't use the charts yet :xD: but I would definitely like to see the forums a lot more active.

    However I agree with Keyboard about the pointless messages - ideally these would be filtered out as spam, but perhaps 10 unique posts (that actually contribute something) should be required, with some way of detecting this? No idea how it would be implemented or if it can even be done, but something along those lines would be preferable.
  5. I agree with Keyboard. It would be just full of spam and meaningless comment. Maybe make them post a thread, like a intro thread or something.
  6. I think we should go back to the 10 posts requirement. I would love to see this forum active again. The spam of meaningless comments should not be a problem. We are 12 mods and admins. We should be able to handle it pretty well.

    We could also set a post length requirement. That would prevent people from writing "cool", "good job", "i'll try it later", "nice" "amazing", "gg", "rekt" etc... And ofc. add the rule that writing something like "25 characters" would result in a 1 day ban.
  7. That sounds like a good idea. I'll definatly vote yes for this ^
  8. Five basically says what I was thinking.

    When we were briefly talking yesterday about the amount of staff we have in comparison to users, it doesn't seem a whole lot actually, but when you compare it to the amount of threads/posts it IS a lot. This is mainly because the staff is very active on the Forums and since the charts don't need any real monitoring.

    However, the chart (merch/flip chart) is the main source of why a lot of people are here. I was thinking about no post count for the main chart, and then postcount for the additional charts (herb for profit/alch for profit)?

    You could even go as far as giving new users a sneak-peak of the chart. Maybe 10 minutes access or only one list of items per user that doesn't have 10 post count. People could obviously make new accounts all the time, but they'd probably rather just get the 10 postcount to fully utilize the chart.
  9. I am thinking here...
    Lets see now..
    Okay here was that awesome idea that my brain just made up..
    Okay here goes..

    What about we make a system that when you are new user (below 10 postcount) you get as @The Kill said they will get a sneak peak at the charts, though 10minutes seems a bit too low tbh, I am thinking that it should be 30minutes sneak peak.
    After a user recieved a postcount of 10 they will be given full access to the charts, however with a limited amount of searches (i suggest 50 searches within 48hours), as we all know we possibly do more than 50 searches within that time-frame, for a user to get to search more items each 48hours they would have to become even more active in the community this is where I would bring the postcount to around 50-80 ish for a user to be able to remove the 50searches per 48hours. After a user would then obtain the 50-80 postcount they would be given 150searches per 48hours and eventually when a user hits 150-200 posts the chart will be completely unlocked (unlimited searches).
    (People who purchase the support rank, wouldn't need a single post to unlock the entire chart).

    I am not sure about the actual numbers, but we could easily figure that out together.

  10. I'm against having a post count on the forums required to see charts as it quickly becomes a forum filled with one liner spam.

    Rather than a post count, give people an incentive to post.
    Offer posters the ability to change the colour of their names or a rank of some kind that only have access to a particular chart- Issued to those that show a clear interest in the community, be it guides, helpful information or shown they want to be involved in the community.
    This could be set to a limited time frame, depending on their contribution, be it a few days, week, month or even year.
    People like to have something to show for all their effort, this is just one example that could encourage people to post more quality content.
  11. Think it should be a bit of both have a limited number of searches pre 10 count afterwards unlimited ,once people have a sneak peek they will want more. And mods can filter spam
  12. If a post count is re-implemented, then there should be a minimum character requirement for posts. I mean, it's not that hard to put some thought into posts.
  13. Talking to a relatively new member of the clan chat via PM earlier and gained some interesting feedback RE the "trial period" before having to create an account/achieve post count.

    The guy said when he first found the site he was skeptical about the fact that he was required to sign up before he could access the charts... It wasn't until he'd been in the CC for a few days that he has now finally decided to sign up. Upon mentioning to him the possibility of a trial period before being required to sign up he said it would've definitely removed his skepticism and encouraged him to create an account sooner, so based on that alone I think we have the foundation for improvement with the ideas that have already been brought up.

    Just thought that this was worth a mention as it has come from a genuine newcomer. Would also support the introduction of a minimum character limit on replies, should eliminate the majority of spam.
  14. I voted no, making a postcount requirement to use the chart will just encourage people to make posts of no value just for the sake of getting the requirement. It would be nice for the forums to be more active but this is not the way to do it.
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  15. Make each post have a minimum character count of 25. That should help.
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    Just a thought but maybe you could implement a post count requirement for the newer charts unless the user has purchased supporter rank, only a small amount of posts could be required (like 5) and a minimum number of character length could be applied to prevent spam and if they spam a lot we could caution them with a warning / with a few days suspension and if they continue further actions could be taken.

    We do need the site to become more active as we still need more F2p content which f2p players could use to make money to afford a bond so they can use other guides / charts to make money.

    Also currently the Top 10 posters have posted 1919 posts out of the 6557 on the site which is just under 1/3rd of the posts on the site and there are 3289 members on the site which means there should be atleast 15k posts on the site if the users have a post count requirement of 5.
    And maybe supporter ranks do not have to have a post count requirement which could convince more people to purchase it.
  17. Yea, you're about to see a flood of people posting in the intro section, making new threads or posting short welcomes to others. If that's what you wanted there's nothing wrong with that then.
  18. however forcin people to post stuff to get into the chart wont make the forums better, just filled with spams... just sayin..
  19. Agreed with jaaaboo, we're both here to get our message count up kappa
  20. i think it should be lowered to 3 just to prevent like gravedigging and just posting useless stuff
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