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Good spots to train strength xp at?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wesleytjuh, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. with 70 att (saradomin sword), 68 str and 45 def
  2. Eh you can always try the gorillas at Ape Atoll prayer alter, its afk and doesnt cost anything but with your str lvl im not sure its the best method
  3. I've always done slayer for combat but spiders in the stronghold of security are pretty afk and easy
  4. You can try Ghouls. Their West of Canafis. You can look up a guide if you want. :D
  5. i like to train in nightmare zone afk a while
  6. I say always train slayer! You'll probably want those levels later anyway, might as well not have to backtrack.
  7. Rock crabs to start if your new, then go to warriors guild later
  8. I agree with Rocky, train slayer. Fast exp, especially with slayer helm + super pots and if you really want to boost the xp/h just flick the highest str boosting prayer you have got!
  9. cant go wrong with nightmare zone, its fast xp and you can get herb boxes every day for free herbs/ cash
  10. I think Spiders will be way to go for you. aslong as you bring defence pots to make it even more afk. or ofc u can pray, but thats a money waste
  11. Rock Crabs on Waterbirth Island. There is a 100 percent AFK-able spot.
  12. NMZ would be good, although I never did it. I wanna do it so badly :(
  13. Straight up NMZ, profitable and semi afk.
  14. Slayer's the best bet, I think. Can never go wrong with slayer.
  15. spiders :) strong hold lvl 3 :p easy afk
  16. Experiments is the best, 400kxp ea can't be beat
  17. since this is afkscape, you only need 43 prayer and you are good to go for NMZ. no other alternate method should be considered apart from magic/range @ape atoll
  18. NMZ or bandits are pretty good xp
  19. Bandits are always a good source of xp, though expensive.
  20. Slayer all the way, even if you're a pure man. One day you'll accidentally get defence levels and then you can be a 13 def pure for slayer helm.

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