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Anyone play CSGO here?

Discussion in 'CS:GO' started by DunatsMC, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Hey, I'm in GN1 and looking for people to pug with because solo queing sucks :( EU preffered.
  2. I do where are you from?
  3. I'm from Lithuania.
  4. Play it every once in a while. I'm a Silver Elite though, I should play more often.
    It's a game I want to be good at but just suck at for some reason.
  5. I do; Add: TwoYAY
  6. i "do" but im absolute trash at it
  7. I do, I'm Legendary Eagle :p
  8. Currently 1 star is my level dont know how to stay that in rank terms
  9. I do sometimes, I maybe do 1 game a week or smthing, cuz lazy and I go no friends.. Im "Legendary Eagle" :)

  10. I'm gn2 or 3 (can't remember) but my skill level is gnm IMO, I can play every now and then if you want :D
  11. Yeah cs:go is on my games list aswell. Gn 4 atm almost gn 5 if im right really looking forward till the master guardian collection!
  12. after gn4 it is master guardian :D
  13. Yeah i'am DMG on smurf and LEM on "main"
  14. I'm LE on my main and smurf, haven't played in a while though, really need to get back into it.
  15. I am a csgo player at DMG but however i dont play eu at all.
  16. I wish CS:GO would run on my computer. I've tried everything and it still does not run it, lol.
  17. Legendary Eagle ;)
    I versed global elites and supremes last night, heres the final score board
  18. yes i been playing alots but mostly i play death im have the game like for 2years and still at first rank haha!
  19. im global elite playing cs since 1999
  20. Was DMG before the massive de-ranks, mg1 now

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