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1gp - 1M (1 week)

Discussion in 'Introductions and Goodbyes' started by Tom Bastian, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Hey guys im new here!
    Gonna try to flip for the first time, starting with 1 gp :)
    My goal is 1M in 1 week
  2. goodluck! very possible! make sure u get a flip every 4 hours
  3. thanks mercy, best of lck to you aswell brother
  4. goodluck man keep us updated on the turn out.
  5. Good luck with that man. I hope I can learn to do some profit too :)
  6. what are some items youre planning on flipping?
  7. Good luck man, what are you flipping?
  8. Good luck. What do you flip with 1 gp?
  9. good luck man m trying the same thing
  10. good luck, starting myself today.
  11. Good luck, that is a great idea! Might try it out :D
  12. Let us know how it goes! goodluck!
  13. That sounds like a challenge. Good luck!
  14. Well i guess good luck if youre new to flipping
  15. good luck. sounds tough but i am sure you can do it
  16. lol 1gp? not much to do with that haha
  17. good luck man! its going to be hard but worth it
  18. Good luck!! I hope you learn a lot and do it quickly!
  19. Post pic of your journey especially the start - flipping with 1 gp, I want to see how it goes! :D
  20. good luck lol dosent sound easy to me

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