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Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by Mdz051, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Im new to flipping and i wanna turn 100k to 10m aNy tips?
  2. Tan dhides its hardly any clicking basically just flipping imo
  3. Do quick items like Food, Runes, Clay, Ore make small profits with each but that add up quickly
  4. Do exactly what RsJams said. It's the best and safest way to 10m. When you reach 10m, you can start flipping more expensive items for bigger profit (y)
  5. while you have longer flips in go make gold ammy (u)'s haha, that's what I'm doing atm inbetween flips and it does grant you an extra 200k ph ish, not bad when you wanna pass the time!
  6. I'm tanning hides now to get a starting capital, working out nicely
  7. Why not start by flipping runes?
  8. You can either wait until you have more money or you can flip smaller items such as runes, food, arrows, etc.
  9. you should probably wait until you have more money.....
  10. im stuck at 3m... any tips on how to get more?
  11. Do the items that rsjams said and inbetween flips pick whiteberries up, decent way of getting started
  12. start with materials, then work your way up to equipment based items
  13. Work on items that have a high trade volume. Resources with a high consumption rate such as food, logs, runes, ore, etc. Your profit margin per item will only be like 1-5gp+, but this will increase when you start working with a larger capital base
  14. what do i flip from 2.6m ? any suggestions? because when i want to buy cheap items in bulk they never buy for me
  15. Ya tanning black dhides is currently 800k an hour! so that could be a decent start to get some capital
  16. while flipping do simple stuff like tanning, whiteberries, other skills etc.. kinda like what everyone else said
  17. Best bet is to flip runes, logs, addy ore, coal, etc. The last two may be a bit unstable right now due to artisan weekend but depending on how much you buy for margins may be quite big.
  18. At 100k... I would start building up higher capital first. Tanning hides, smithing, using other skills to gain cash, then start flipping with all the stuff people have mentioned (raw materials), then eventually work your way to higher class materials.
  19. flip more expensive items its awesome
  20. blood runes are a great flip if u have alot of money

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